Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Let's just give up and put Goldman Sachs in charge of everything

The back page of today's Guardian carries a full-page advert calling for a UK green investment bank, to invest in low carbon technology, etc. An organization called Transform UK says it's behind the campaign, and the ad carries the endorsement of 53 organizations of all stripes, including Microsoft, Bank of America/Merril Lynch, the RSPB, TUC, and so on. You can download it here.

A couple of quotes copied from the ad copy (my italics):

"It can boost econominc recovery, create jobs and help make Britain globally competitive."

"...the bank needs at least £4 billion of initial funding and the power to raise revenue by issuing itʼs own green bonds."

Hey guys! Do you think this stuff is important enough to, y'know, GIVE TO SOMEONE LITERATE TO CHECK before you send it to press? I hope the same people aren't going to be put in charge of the £4 billion.