Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just when you thought...

...Tony Blair had exhausted his capacity to disappoint, along comes this.

Update: I admit to being confused about offsetting. I saw someone compare it to trying to combat sea-level rise by drinking more. But summing up what I've read recently, it seems that it's better not to emit at all (so flying's not ok), but that some projects can help. This piece from the Independent sets out the pros and cons quite nicely. And this from Nature($) goes into a bit more detail. The basic message is energy efficiency and renewable generation, good, trees, bad.

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Unknown said...

Do you have a direct email address I can send extended comments on your book to? Your forest ecology is provacative and satisfying. Your writing is first rate and a joy. But your energy physiology a la West and fractals is pure fantasy. The book is just what I needed, an up to the minute statement on math obscuring the blood and guts reality of oxygen transport inside mammals. It was my lifetime research subject, and what I taught at Harvard and MIT. jkanwisher@gmail.com