Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where we're at

I've not been posting for a while mainly because I've been working on a proposal and sample chapter for a book. More details here soon, I hope. That's kept me out of action with regards to journalism, and generally swimming in the info-plankton.

But I did go to the Network Science meeting in Norwich last week, and had a very good time (partly because I used to go to university in Norwich). I was on Nature's shilling, so I wrote a couple of news stories for them, one about the relationship between social network structure and happiness and one about the influence of workplace social networks on productivity.

I also wrote a couple of blog posts for one of Nature's blogs, one general muse on the meeting, and one about an integrated network approach to studying disease.

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Professor Chaos said...

Hi John--
I can understand needing a blogging break but I'm really glad to see El Gentraso is back. I checked out the Nature piece on productivity and social structure of workplaces and got a kick out of it. When you said "electronic monitoring" I laughed because I imagined office workers wearing radio collars, but turns out that it wasn't far off! I have joked about my dept head doing that to me, but now I'm not sure how funny that is.